Aluna - Organic "Vegan" Milk "Chocolate Bean to Bar 55% with Rice, 70g

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Do you love milk chocolate? Then try it a little differently. Aware of the sustainability of our planet and nature, we have abandoned classic animal milk and replaced it 100%. In this case, with rice, rice milk. Welcome to a new age when we begin to realize that something is beyond us and that we begin to behave accordingly. Aluna chocolate will enchant you not only with its perfect taste, but also with its unique design with a hand-painted hummingbird and cacao trees.

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Aluna - for those who do not want to compromise, there is a bean to bar "milk" vegan chocolate, in which classic milk is replaced by rice. This new variant of "milk" chocolate will surely please you not only with its unique taste, but also with a healthier version of this popular sweets. Give in to the magic of flavors, in which we have combined the best cocoa beans, first-class coconut sugar and rice. The cocoa beans we have chosen for our best Aluna chocolates are the only trinitario and criollo varieties that are lovingly and gently grown in the family farm of Colombian farmer Justinian Suarez, and which we buy directly from him - direct trade. Coconut sugar has a much lower glycemic index than refined sugar, so this chocolate is healthy and completely without compromise. Let yourself be drawn into the uplifting chocolate dimension wrapped in a beautiful paper with a hand-painted hummingbird and a cacao tree. Inside the packaging you will find all information about chocolate and its processing. Why are we leaving the milk? Because we believe that certain things transcend us - we do not drink milk ourselves believing that an intensive dairy industry is not the way for both humans and humane approaches to cows. Have you seen how milk production is promoted in intensive farming? The calf is removed and returned back to a cow again to be fed, and this process is accompanied by the terrifying cries of both abused animals! You know that in adulthood, milk can be the trigger for many diseases, it is one of the biggest allergens and we are the only animal species that consumes milk in adulthood, and moreover not of its own kind!

Cocoa butter, coconut sugar, cocoa beans, rice 12%. Cocoa component content at least 55%. May contain milk, peanuts and dried nuts. Store in a cool, dry place. Handmade in the Czech Republic.

Energy values for 100 g:
Energy value - 2456 kJ / 588 kcal; Fats - 44.9 g, of which saturated fatty acids - 23.1 g; Carbohydrates - 37.5 g, of which sugars - 31.9 g; Protein - 6.9 g; Salt - 0.04 g.

Manufacturer: Pražská čokoláda s.r.o. | K Sadu 754 / 2b, 18200 Prague 8

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